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Immerse yourself in the heart of Dubai Marina's vibrant energy, where an enchanting tale of Arabian mystique and culinary artistry unfolds at Amaseena, the newest jewel in The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai's culinary collection. This captivating dining destination goes beyond expectations, offering an experiential journey that transports guests to a realm of enchantment.

Drawing inspiration from Amaseena, a timeless female traveler renowned for her insatiable curiosity, the restaurant epitomizes the essence of Arabian allure and storytelling. With sophistication and an air of mystique, Amaseena effortlessly embodies Arabian hospitality, casting an enchanting spell throughout the venue.

The visual symphony at Amaseena seamlessly weaves together tradition and modern elegance, mirroring Amaseena's timeless style. Traditional elements meld with contemporary aesthetics, crafting an ambiance that is visually stunning and emotionally captivating. From meticulously arranged table settings to a color palette echoing tales of the desert, every detail will transport you to a world of Arabian splendor.

Beneath starlit skies in an open-air setting, Amaseena sets the stage for a unique atmosphere that effortlessly transitions from relaxed to lively. Beyond being a mere restaurant, it is a cultural escapade, celebrating Arabian wonders and inviting you to escape the city's hustle to embrace an enchanting ambiance that seamlessly merges tradition with the vivacity of contemporary exploration. As the evening progresses, the destination transforms into a lively party vibe, featuring Arabic belly dancing, captivating Arabic music, and enthralling Arabic entertainment.

Amaseena's culinary odyssey invites you to indulge in a Middle Eastern feast meticulously curated by Amaseena herself. A buffet-style dining experience unfolds, featuring aromatic kebabs, hearty stews, fragrant rice, and vibrant salads that showcase the rich flavors and spices of the region. The à la carte menu complements the experience with a symphony of flavor-packed mezzas and light bites, harmoniously paired with handcrafted mocktails, elevating the dining adventure to new heights.